Three Keys to Email Delivery for High Volume Senders

There’s a war on spam going on right now which means it’s getting harder and harder to ensure your emails make it into your intended recipient’s inbox. This article will give three quick things you can do to make sure your emails make it past the spam filters.

Never Send Spam

The first one is the most obvious: don’t send spam. What is spam? Anything the recipient thinks is spam and marks it as such. You want to make sure the people receiving it won’t complain when they receive it. If they do, your reputation is shot, and so is the reputation of the server you’re sending it from.

Only send emails to people who have opted into your email list. In fact, to be doubly safe, only send email to people who have double opted into your list.

Only Send Authenticated Email

There are two widely-available (although not widely-deployed) technologies that can raise the trustworthiness of your emails. The first one is Sender Policy Framework, or SPF. SPF is a way to let mail recipients know to only trust emails sent from certain IP addresses. The trustworthy IP addresses of your email servers.

The other technology is DomainKeys Identified Mail or DKIMDKIM allows the receiver to check that an email claimed to have come from a specific domain was indeed authorized by the owner of that domain.

Both SPF and DKIM are entered as DNS records. Creating SPF and DKIM records for your domains will improve the inbox placement of your emails to mailbox providers like Gmail and Office365.

Only Send from Trustworthy Servers

Most high volume senders send email from someone else’s mail servers. And those mail servers may be shared amongst several different mail senders. So, even if you’re not sending spam, if someone else on that server is, it could shut down your email program. That’s why it’s important to only send email from trustworthy mail servers.

To ensure trustworthy mail servers, look for service providers who offer the following:

  • Redundant infrastructure
  • IP reputation management
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Authenticated sending
  • SMTP relay service
  • Zero spam policy
  • Outbound spam filtering

When you need to make sure you emails get delivered, don’t send spam, only send authenticated emails and only send them from trustworthy servers. When you need to make sure your emails get delivered for a very low cost per year, check out OutboundSMTP.

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