Leveraging Dedicated Outbound SMTP Server To Turn Your Email Marketing Campaign Into A Big Success

In this era of digital marketing, email marketing still plays a crucial role in connecting with customers. While emails had been extensively used to share pleasantries with friends and families in its earlier days of popularity, today, businesses use emails in large numbers to build a strong relationship with their customers. It also gives them an excellent opportunity to talk with their customers directly without any mediators.

The importance of email marketing is continuously on the rise that every business has started developing specific plans and strategies. The success of any email marketing campaign largely depends on the kind of SMTP server you have employed. It is the capability and reputation of your SMTP server that largely determines the success of your email marketing campaign.

In this article, let’s try to understand the significance of a dedicated outbound SMTP server in email marketing by examining some of its exclusive features.

Smooth and Uninterrupted Delivery

When it comes to email marketing, every business will look forward to having an uninterrupted delivery of their promotional emails directly to the customer’s inbox. No one would like to see their emails landing in the spam folder.

Timing is critical in email marketing as you don’t want your customers to search for promotions after it has been completed because of the delay in email delivery. It not only creates a bad reputation for you amongst the customers but also lowers your sales, as well.

It not only creates a massive setback for the current marketing campaign but also to other email campaigns in the future. Hence, it is quite essential to utilize an SMTP server that can deliver emails without any issues.

However, free SMTP servers can only handle a specific number of emails per day, and hence businesses with a considerable number of customers need to look for dedicated or paid, third-party SMTP services to take care of their email marketing campaigns. With a dedicated SMTP server, businesses can send as many emails simultaneously without any delay and don’t need to worry about emails getting bounced or rejected.

‘Unsubscribe’ Option

There is no denying the fact that there will always be a few odd customers who wouldn’t want to be a part of your campaign. The email sender must provide an option for such customers to unsubscribe from the emails.

The absence of an ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email will be detrimental in that it makes the customer think that the email is spam and straight away mark it as such. It also causes a big dent in the email marketing campaign and creates a bad reputation for the business. People receive a lot of marketing emails every day, and they do care about emails that interest them or follow up on emails from their trusted sources or favorite brands.

Hence, a simple ‘unsubscribe’ option in emails will protect the businesses from getting their domain blacklisted, and their ranking lowered in search engine listings. With professional SMTP services, an ‘unsubscribe’ link is provided with every email sent to the customer. It is made visible either in the header or footer of the email.

Prevent Hacking

When businesses employ shared hosts for email marketing, there is no 100% guarantee for privacy. Moreover, a bad reputation caused by other firms can taint the status of the whole server, and your emails can get rejected or blacklisted. One more disadvantage of using free SMTP servers is that they are vulnerable to hacking. But with dedicated SMTP services, security is tightened to a great extent that hacking becomes difficult. Any cyberattack on your server not only causes an economic setback but also causes loss of critical data assets.

Bulk Emailing

Bulk emailing is only made possible through SMTP servers. One cannot picture their regular mail service like Gmail as a bulk email sender. Not only is handling bulk emails a tedious process with ordinary email services, but there is also a limitation on the number of emails sent per day. It is the same case with free SMTP services too, as businesses cannot send more than 100-200 emails per day.

But when enterprises switch over to dedicated SMTP services, there are no limitations as you get features such as ‘Unlimited Send To Inbox.’ With commercial SMTP services, they can choose from the multiple plans the one that suits their requirements. With dedicated SMTP servers, you can use ‘Targeting’ to send forms to many recipients using your own SMTP relay. ‘Targeting’ is the SMTP setup you use while sending bulk emails to multiple recipients so that they won’t be mistaken as spam. And issues like  ‘Unable to establish TLS connection to third party SMTP Server’ are never a problem with dedicated servers.

They can choose anywhere from 5000 emails/day to 900,000 emails/month. Not every business can shell out a considerable sum of money on TV ads and print media marketing. Hence, enterprises rely heavily on email marketing as it enables them to save a lot of time and effort and still reach the customers directly.

Loads of Tools

Various third-party services offer businesses with ‘Inbound & Outbound SMTP per project’ packages along with loads of tools and features. Thus bulk tool service providers get your servers loaded with a lot of tools and email marketing software to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Some of the tools and features are listed below:

  • Spam filtering
  • Email address validation
  • SPF and DKIM records
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Uninterrupted deliverability
  • Enhanced security
  • Email backup
  • Total control over your marketing campaign
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Manage unsubscribers list
  • Dynamic email templates
  • Web API
  • Email Automation
  • Email Statistics

Final Words

Of the many options for digital communication in marketing such as bulk email, SMS marketing, phone calls, etc., bulk email option has taken the lead today. The SMTP server is responsible for the quick and efficient delivery of emails, and hence businesses need to focus on employing a highly capable server. A server that is rudimentary and ineffective will only make all the time and efforts you spend on your email marketing campaigns go to waste.

When you aim high and take business development seriously, you will need the exclusive features that a dedicated SMTP service can offer you, such as enhanced security, an unlimited number of emails, uninterrupted deliverability, and many more. Such exclusive features can play a pivotal role in making your email marketing efforts an overwhelming success.

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