The Holy Grail of Shared Hosting Outbound Email

You need to send out a lot of emails, but you don’t want to be bothered with setting up and managing your own email server. We get it. So, you do what most others in your position do and enlist the services of an outbound email service provider. Makes perfect sense.

Unless you’re a really high-volume email sender or you have the budget to pay for your own dedicated server, the email server used to send out your email will be shared with other customers of your hosting provider. Generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with this setup.

As a high volume sender, you probably spend a great deal of time and follow best practices to make sure your emails stay out of spam folders and find their way into inboxes. You know to keep spammy content out of your email and you always avoid keyword stuffing. That’s smart.

But, did you know that you can still be the victim of sending spammy content even when you don’t send spammy content? with a shared hosting.

When you use a shared hosting provider, if ANYONE using the email server used to send your email sends out spam, that email server will get blacklisted. That means all the email emanating from that server will get flagged as spam, including yours.

To make matters worse, it’s entirely possible that the email server your using is sending out spam, but no other customers using that server are intentionally sending out spam. This can happen when email servers get compromised with bots, which start sending out spam without the account owner even knowing about. In fact, it’s possible that your shared account on that email server is sending out spam, causing the server to get flagged, and you probably wouldn’t even know it.

How do you prevent such a situation?

You choose a shared email hosting provider who uses outbound spam filtering. That’s right. Not only can you filter for spam at the inbox, you can also filter for spam as the email leaves the email server. And if any email contains spam heading out, that email gets blocked, thus protecting the reputation of the server.

Outbound spam filtering is the Holy Grail of outbound shared email hosting.

It stops spam where it originates and keeps it from getting out on the internet in the first place.

There are a lot of shared email hosting providers and the only way they differentiate themselves is by the features that come with their hosting plan. One feature you should absolutely insist on is outbound spam filtering. Afterall, it’s a waste of resources to try and send an email out from a blacklisted server

If you’re unsure where to find an outbound SMTP shared hosting service provider which includes outbound spam filtering standard on all service packages, check out our plans. It includes authenticated sending, redundant infrastructure, and most importantly, all the features you need to keep your emails moving, including outbound spam filtering. Start for free today by sending out a small email campaign. The company with the easy name to remember:

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