DKIM: The Secret to Improved Email Deliverability

The secret to improved email deliverability isn’t in your email server. It’s actually in your DNS server. That’s because the DNS server record is where you’ll publish a cryptographic public key as a specially-formatted TXT record. And that cryptographic key is the crucial element in email deliverability because it supports email delivery with DKIM.

DKIM enables you to send authenticated emails, and authenticated emails look less like spam and are therefore more likely to make it into the inboxes.

“In general terms, the process works like this: When a mail message is sent by an outbound mail server, the server generates and attaches a unique DKIM signature header to the message. This header includes two cryptographic hashes, one of specified headers, and one of the message body (or part of it). The header contains information about how the signature was generated.

When an inbound mail server receives an incoming email, it looks up the sender’s public DKIM key in DNS. The inbound server uses this key to decrypt the signature and compare it against a freshly computed version. If the two values match, the message can be proved to authentic and unaltered in transit.”

DKIM is the secret to improved email deliverability because it’s “designed to detect forged sender addresses in emails.” Consequently, DKIM signing improves the inbox placement of mailbox providers like Gmail and Office365.

High Deliverability

If you want to ensure high deliverability rates of your high volume emails, you’re going to need correctly configured DKIM signatures in your outbound emails. And if you’re not sure how to do it, then you need to find an outbound SMTP service provider who does know.

If you want to ensure high deliverability rates of your high volume emails, you’re going to need OutboundSMTP. In addition to correctly formatted DKIM signed emails, OutboundSMTP also provides correctly configured SPF and DMARC records. OutboundSMTP optimize your sending routes and closely monitors your IP reputation to ensure you the best possible delivery rates. And OutboundSMTP has a zero spam policy that allows blocking or restricting messages that would damage their reputation or yours.

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