Benefits Of Setting Up Your Dedicated SMTP Server

Email marketing still remains a crucial piece in the marketing puzzle. While many businesses do consider that for a bulk email service, a free smtp server is enough. It is not entirely correct. If you are an organization with thousands of customers and looking to send more than 400-500 emails/day, you need to have a dedicated smtp server set up to handle the email traffic.

What Is A Dedicated SMTP Server And Why You Need One?

A dedicated SMTP server is basically a server that is specially reserved for Outbound SMTP Service or sending out emails on your behalf. While a shared service might handle smtp services for various other organizations, a dedicated smtp service is set up to take care of only your organization’s bulk email service.

With a dedicated smtp email server, you will be in total control of the server. Hence, you have every right to choose the required memory, bandwidth, storage space, and create any number of email accounts.

But it is not always the case with a shared smtp server as you will be only allotted a portion of the server, and you won’t have complete control of the server. When you face any issues with the email server, you cannot resolve it yourselves as you need to contact their customer support or put a support ticket and wait for the problem to be addressed.

Even though many commercial smtp services do provide 24×7 technical support, it would never be like you taking in control and set up the server according to your requirements. But another thing to remember here is that with a dedicated server, you need to take care of all security, email backup, and security of the server.

How Dedicated SMTP Servers Are Better Than Free SMTP Servers

Compared to a shared host smtp server, when you own a dedicated smtp server, you would need to employ a separate team to handle the server, its security, and maintenance. But many companies think of it as an additional overhead cost and go for commercial third party smtp services.

Another significant benefit of owning a dedicated smtp server is that you never need to worry about the performance, deliverability, or brand reputation. Yes, if the server is set up right to run with optimal performance, then email marketing can be effortless.

All your effort will only be spent on creating innovative, catchy emails to capture the attention of your customers than worrying about your emails reach their inbox or the spam folder. For businesses looking for a high-performance outbound smtp service, the ideal solution to either run their own dedicated smtp server or hire a third party dedicated server for their bulk email service.

The benefits are endless with a dedicated server as being the owner, you can log in to the server anytime you want and work on changing SMTP mail server settings according to your configurations. Businesses can create as many email accounts and schedule backups in their preferred schedule.

Features To Look For In A Dedicated SMTP Server

When you run your own dedicated smtp server or conduct your email marketing campaigns from a dedicated mail service from a third-party service provider, you can expect various tools and functionalities. These tools will not only help your email marketing campaigns but will take it to a whole new level.

Real-Time Tracking

When you maintain your own dedicated smtp server, you can install whatever tools needed to enhance your email marketing campaigns. By default, most of the third party outbound smtp service providers offer real-time tracking that allows you to know:

  • Number of emails successfully delivered
  • Number of emails rejected
  • Number of emails bounced
  • Number of emails opened
  • Number of emails where links inside the email where clicked

Activity Reporting

When you buy SMTP server, you can get activity reports of your email marketing campaigns delivered to your inbox on a daily/weekly or monthly basis

24×7 Customer Support

Third-party dedicated server providers give you 24×7 support so that you can clarify any issues with a professional and a dedicated team of technical support engineers.


Free SMTP servers offer only limited support, and their service is not compatible with all email software. But with a dedicated smtp server, you can ensure that your smtp service works with all professional email software and email services.

High-Speed Delivery

Another feature that you can look forward to with a dedicated SMTP server is that you can always expect high-speed email deliverability. While free smtp email service queues up all your email until a certain number is reached and sends out all the emails collectively, with a dedicated smtp email server, every email is sent instantly. Timing is crucial in email marketing, and a dedicated smtp server allows you to send marketing emails to your customers whenever you want.

Reliable & Trusted Servers

Free outbound smtp service cannot guarantee 100% deliverability and not reliable all the time. But with a dedicated smtp server, you never need to worry about losing your brand reputation.

Bounce Email & Spam Management

With innovative spam and bounce email management, digital marketers can easily handle all soft and hard bounces, view all spam complaints, and act accordingly.

Unsubscribers List

It goes without saying that you cannot please everyone every time. So, obviously, there will be some unhappy subscribers who are not willing to continue with your services. But instead of having them diligently, it is better to get an exit opinion from them about why they are unsubscribing and get a list of subscribers for any given period quickly.

No Bandwidth Limits

With dedicated SMTP email service, there are no bandwidth limits on data transfer, and you can use every bit of bandwidth available.

SPF & DKIM Records

A dedicated smtp server allows you to add email authentication to all your emails. With SPF and DKIM records, your email receives an added credibility.

Final Words

If you are an enterprise with thousands of customers and would be sending as many emails every day, then the best option to gain uninterrupted email deliverability, you need to get a dedicated smtp server

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